Flavors & Sensations For Science Buffs & Gastronomy Fans. Book Your Table Today!

Business Meetings & Lunch

Enjoy a truly productive and just as delicious business meeting or lunch at Gourmet LAB and draw from the inspiration of our unique dishes – prepared and plated to extraordinary perfection.

Kids Events

Have your next party with us and let us put together a fun and festive day for your kids with our colorful and exciting ambiance - for a food experience that will leave your kids jumping with joy.

Food Delivery

Staying in today? Call us to get Gourmet LAB delivered to your doorstep and enjoy the best of our main starters, main courses and desserts in the comfort of your home.

Corporate Lunch

Take your team out of the office and on an exciting culinary journey and bring out the best from your corporate lunch with Gourmet LAB’s delicious spread of science-inspired dishes.

Private Parties

Have your next party at Gourmet LAB and enjoy the company of great friends with a great poolside view, friendly attendants, professional customer service and food that will steal the show.

In-house Catering

Get the Gourmet LAB spread prepared for your next event with our in-house catering service and take your event to the next level. We guarantee that all of your guests will love our unique creations.

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